Black athletes dating

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and im just wondering if any white athlete men would date a black girl? i like white guys more and theres nothing you can do to change that!

and im asking this because alot of black athlete men are all going with white girls and thats cool i mean idc because i prefer white guys anyways but would a white profesional athlete man date a black women????? im not doing it on revenge next of all I COULD care less about black guys i dont even find... and why is it that everytime a black girl wanna date outta the race its like where "dividing" the race.

He married former model Brooke Shields in 1997, but the marriage lasted just two years.

Graf obviously has a thing for athletes—she dated tennis player Alexander Mronz and race car driver Michael Bartels before Agassi.

A while back, we did a story on white male celebrities that enjoy courting black women.

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Garcelle Beauvais While the chick we’ve always associated with “Fancy” was once married to producer Daniel Saunders, a brotha, back in the day (the two have a 20-year-old son), the relationship ended in divorce. Girlfriend sent an e-mail to his co-workers at the Creative Artists Agency, comparing Nilon to Tiger Woods and outing his affair to all associates.ok i love myself some football , basket ball and some baseball players.and im just wondering if any white athlete men would date a black girl?Many athletes choose to take advantage of this fact by dating strictly within the Big Three: actresses, models and cheerleaders.Not that there's anything wrong with that, but there are others who choose to date those who they have a bit more in common with—other professional athletes.