Clustrmaps not updating

Brooke Hello Brooke, The domain is still pointing to Yahoo. If the wrong domain is coming up, the Word Press URL most likely needs to be changed still.

I'm an indifferent Lenfag & Oliverfag mistranslator :3 You can use any translations I've done w/o crediting me but not the ones done by other awesome people.

A travel blog is that much more fun when you (and you readers) can see at a glance all the places you’ve been.

There are many reasons to include maps on your Word Press site, and no matter what your reason is you should have an easy and efficient way to do just that.

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Hello Jeanne, Thanks for the question and sorry that you can't yet get into your Word Press dashboard.

The main reason is that you just signed up and registered a brand new domain name.

When you register a new domain name, it needs up to 24 hours before it is recognized on the internet. The servers on the internet are still being updated with your domain name - it doesn't happen instantaneously.

Other great features include custom map pins (800 icons included), marker layers, integrated address search, marker popup descriptions, an easy to use map shortcode and more.

In our previous post, we discussed about the instances on when to update our membership record with Phil Health and its importance.