Coffee singles just looking at dating

If you like the look of their milky, caffeine-packed face, you can find out more about your potential match by reading the outside of the person’s specially printed cup.And if that floats your boat, you can follow the link printed on your cup to get in touch. If you’re happy in your singledom and don’t feel like working out if you’re attracted to someone based on latte art, there’s also the option of getting a ‘selffee’ – coffee with your own face printed on it.So it’s just like your dream that you’d find love through a spontaneous meet-cute over a cup of coffee. Match recommends giving your ‘selffee’ to someone you like the look of.Because nothing says ‘date me’ like ‘HERE’S A COFFEE, DRINK MY FACE.’ The coffee’s all free, so even if you don’t meet someone you fancy you’ll at least have free caffeine to keep you going in the pit of loneliness.Whether you're looking for an Asian American partner, a same-sex relationship or interracial dating for example, Elite Singles will send you matches based on your lifestyle compatibility, personality and relationship goals.You can also define how far you're willing to travel to meet new people - if you're willing to go as far as Tacoma, but not Vancouver, we'll do our best to match you exclusively with local people!When you’ve been single for a while, there are no prospects on the horizon, and you’re slowly descending into a pit of ‘I WILL DIE ALONE’ despair, you can find yourself doing some very strange things out of pure desperation.Suddenly you’re very invested in going to a pogo stick class.

When you reach the stage where you actually want to settle down, it’s time to get serious about your dating methods. At Elite Singles we want to help Seattle singles find what they’re looking for.Our members are mature, intelligent professionals with ambitions stretching beyond the office and who are searching for a long term commitment. Join us today and find the relationship you really want.Earlier this year, Vanity Fair declared Tinder as the ultimate place that twentysomethings go to “hit it and quit it”, claiming that the app was solely responsible for a “dating apocalypse”.While die-hard romantics might agree, others say the app has revolutionised the process of hunting down no-strings fun at relatively little expense. But the pickier you are, the fewer matches you’ll receive, so if you’re looking for a casual hookup - get swiping.