Dating a girl with borderline personality

In the beginning, there were very few red flags, or so I thought.

Though, to be honest, at that point in my life, I was so ready to find my “one and only” that I was readily willing to ignore what Dr.

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Although you may even wish to piece together the smoldering embers of the relationship that is now seemingly broken beyond repair, the healthiest thing to do would be to let it be.Researchers have found that BPD symptoms and diagnosis successfully predict dating satisfaction and stress, adolescents’ conflict with romantic partners, domestic violence, and separation and divorce.Typically individuals with BPD have difficulty trusting others.The other important component is that people with BPD (women and men alike) be afforded opportunities for recovery, such as DBT, and that they take advantage of such opportunities.Through therapy, we can learn how to adapt our behaviors from dysfunctional to highly effective. If you are a woman with Borderline Personality Disorder and are concerned about how this will affect your ability to find and maintain a relationship with a mate, keep in mind - first of all - the issue of boundaries.