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Even though winning over his daughter may be a challenge, there are some ways to increase your chances for success.After divorce the majority of children live with their mother.The "go slow" approach applies not only to your relationship with the father but also to your involvement with his little girl. If the divorce is bitter or recent, for example, introducing a girlfriend into the picture is probably not yet a good idea, so don't push for that to happen.Last night was one of those nights where my hubby proved to be my hero yet again.Women may have a bigger challenge bonding with a partner’s kids than men.

Cancelling plans with his daughter to go out with you may cause her to feel abandoned and rejected.Take your time getting to know your new man before taking on his daughter.If it's the right thing, he'll want to introduce you into his daughter's life as someone who is important to him.I still want to get to know him better, but I am afraid to put myself in a situtation that will only cause problems, what would you do? The best-case scenario has you in a situation where the mother of the child is a good co-parenter who respects his position as the father and doesn't make waves or create problems, but is also not a meddler and not in the picture beyond being the other parent to the child.The worst-case scenario has you in a situation where there is animosity or resentments between the two parents, or a dysfunctional situation of some kind, that causes stress and strife.