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just one example.public override void Item Updating(SPItem Event Properties properties) { if (properties. = null) { SPModeration Status Type after = (SPModeration Status Type)int. I've bound and Item Updating event to a document library of a MOSS publishing site, I’m then trying to compare the Before and After properties. I'm sure this is probably a subset so make sure you test.When I amend the field in the UI I expect the two values to be different, however they are always the same - by that I mean the original value. That's what I found confusing, I was using that page when developing and the table states the After Properties value for Item Updating is the ' Changed Value' yet my code always has the Original Value, have I missed something? List Item Item Adding No value No value Null Item Added No value No value New value Item Updating Original value Changed value Original value Item Updated Original value Changed value Changed value Item Deleting No value No value Original value Item Deleted No value No value Null Also, if you are going to try to compare Before/After values, watch out for these types: People fields, rich text fields (Note), and Date Time fields.

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After Properties will have the correct value, only when Email is also updated through code. Does someone have any tips of other ways to Compare the values? Get Item By Id(list Item ID); var moderation Status = item["_Moderation Status"] as string; if(moderation Status == SPModeration Status Type. To String()) //Do stuff But before Status and after Status is null.Before Properties have values only Item Updating and Item Updated for Document library (not for lists).After Properties have values only if you really change the value for that fields.

Itemupdating beforeproperties null