Lister auto truck dating

1970 photos and several from the 1970's but actual date & names unknown. The Chippenham Crackpots carnival collecting vehicle is processing down North Parade.During this period carnival congregated and started at the Cheese Show field. There are many carnival clubs being represented like Huckyduck CC, the DAK Gang, The Jales family and Chameleon Colts.These were tricycle vehicles, with the single leading wheel used for both drive and steering. Ignition was by magneto, rather than requiring a battery and electrical system.Their simple construction carried most of the mechanism on this wheel as a single unit, the chassis with the trailing wheels being little more than a trailer for balance. One of these designs was produced in the 1920s by George Grist of the Auto Mower Co., Norton St Philip, Somerset.Lister customers saw them and there was such interest in wanting to buy them that Lister negotiated with Auto Mower to build them under licence.Although Lister were already well known for their small petrol stationary engines, these were heavy cast-iron engines with water hopper cooling and unsuitable for vehicle use.They were built by R A Lister and Company of Dursley, Gloucestershire, well known for their range of small stationary engines.

After formation in 1867, the company started out making agricultural implements including chaff cutters, corn crushers, oat cleaners, land rollers, horse gears, chain harrows and stone grinding mills.

Petrol engines followed in the early 20th century which went on to be a mainstay of the company until diesels began to be produced in 1929.

From that time onwards the diesels began to capture the volume markets and the last petrol engines were produced in the 1960s.

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