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Aaaaaand…Google beat all the search engines with a better UXFacebook beat My Space with a better UXSlack beat Hipchat with a better UXUX. And the primary action button is in the wrong place. The tiny, unmarked, low-contrast button with no label, of course! It’s a portable device, I’m outside and I have to stop walking and peer at my phone to seek to a position in a track or podcast. The paradox is that, as UX and UI people, we’re over-exposed to components, controls, patterns and interfaces in general.

Apple made the trackpad circular, called it a Click Wheel and added to the front of a hard disk music player. Which means nobody can read them against a white background.

Suddenly you could scroll through vast libraries of music effortlessly. The marketing department decided that a pop-up collecting users’ email addresses would be good for the Quarter 4 CRM metrics.

i firmly believe in music being as free as possible. shared and spread.i believe that in order for artists to survive and create, their audiences need to step up and directly support them.

if you love it, come back and kick in later when you have the money. to download all of my music EVER (that i am able to make available for free), head here!