Nude pictures from skype

Any intelligent person would just get up and walk away from their laptop, but the teenagers are tied to their video call because of Laura’s threats: She wants them to answer her questions in order to prove their innocence.

If they don’t oblige, they get killed off, one by one.

The hacker, a 19-year old computer science student, attempted to blackmail her with the threat of publicly releasing the nude images.

Instead of complying with his demand, she went to the FBI.

A post was created offering free belly casts to help kick start a “new” business. They could be doing it from Chicago for all we know.

Then, like clockwork, that post and account disappeared. Going from state to state, city to city and exploiting people,” Chavez said.

Video chat sessions were also done via Skype where more nude images were gathered. “They were telling them things like if you don’t give me ' X' amount of dollars, I’m going to go public with your photos." So who's behind all of this? The original user account is no longer active, but within hours Thursday afternoon, another account popped up.

But even having their BFFs with them on webcam doesn’t negate the fact that each of these teens is hopelessly alone in the face of this ghost.But the new teen-horror flick Unfriended proves that the worst kind of Facebook friend, beyond the new moms and racist old high school friends, is probably a revenge-obsessed ghost.Unfriended centers on teenager Blaire Lily, her boyfriend, Mitch, and their three friends during a typical Skype call.It’s the anniversary of their friend Laura Barns’s suicide; she was driven to kill herself after being cyberbullied for an embarrassing, drunken video of her that ended up on You Tube.Laura’s ghost has worked her way into each of the characters’ computers, hell-bent on figuring out who wronged her and making them pay for it.