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His training and consulting company, JSnlp (, is based in Bristol and has a reputation for providing some of the best NLP training in the UK.NLP is an outstanding source of communication skills and underlies most coaching training.He is constantly quoting and alluding to great figures — Jane Austen, John Stuart Mill, Stendhal, and Freud, among others, all get name-dropped in his self-help book, (about which more below) — but he tends to meander and summarize after a quotation rather than using it to drive his own argument forward.

It allows you to get in touch with people who have your interests, your values, your approach to life. A colleague and I recently got fascinated by finding the ways out – the result was not only a series of courses on online dating, but a coaching programme to help you succeed step by step.It’s quick, easy and often has a great success rate. Online dating has only existed for a few years, so hardly anyone knows protocols – and that can mean you make mistakes. (My colleague got married recently – to someone he met online.) Here are some of the things you need to do to avoid the traps of online dating.John is fascinated by helping people to make the changes they want in their lives.His (2000) is a charming and, in its own way, useful book that dissects the lives and ideas of major philosophers like Socrates and Nietzsche and applies them to everyday problems like “unpopularity” and “difficulties.” De Botton claims in that it is possible to “take on a task at once both profound and laughable: to become wise through philosophy.” In this he has positioned himself in a long line of thinkers about the care and maintenance of the self, such that the editing and writing of “intelligent self-help books” would not seem like such a stretch.Yet the real issue with de Botton’s new book, and the others in the series, is not simply a lack of depth but one of purpose: they are certainly shallow in their philosophy, but they are not particularly useful either.