Sixties free sexuality

But is this backlash against the revolution a reality?

What is the connection between public morality and public health?

More importantly, these questions were only asked of respondents of the same sex as their interviewer.

The subject of sex was seemingly too delicate to be discussed between the sexes, even in a research context.

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But the radical action he mounted that received nationwide attention was of a different nature: In 1963, as a junior, he waged a crusade for sexual freedom, assailing the school’s leaders for forcing their puritan views on undergraduates—and ruining their students’ sex lives. This crusade was emblematic of the way Sanders conducted himself in Hyde Park and throughout his political career—firm in his beliefs, fiery in his rhetoric, and unafraid of confrontation.“Who is to measure the value that a group of people, or two people, can receive as a result of a night’s conversation?How are the administrators so knowledgeable that they can say that on long and intimate conversation, which might extend beyond one o’clock in the morning, is not worth more to the people who participated in it than a year of academic education?To hear the ex-hippies and Summer of Love enthusiasts tell it, the spring and summer of 1967 in San Francisco changed everything, especially sex.At first, this sounds like more of the same generational hagiography from baby boomers that we’ve been subjected to for several decades now.