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In this timetable for Peñaflor Port of Santa Maria trains, we can see that the average length of the route of 145 Km which separate Peñaflor and Port of Santa Maria travelling by train is from 2 hours 12 minutes, the average speed of the route is 66 km/h.

The fastest train that covers the 145 Km that separate Peñaflor from Port of Santa Maria is a Media Distancia and it does in 2 hours 6 minutes, its average speed is 69 km/h.

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There are over 25 churches in Rome dedicated to Mary.

To serve this demand, trains depart from Rome to Florence frequently.

If an image you want is not yet uploaded, contact Ron Reznick (info at bottom of page). Mary Major) is the largest Marian church in Romeand the oldest Western church dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

It was founded in352 AD by Pope Liberius and enlarged in 432 by Pope Sixtus III.

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