Who is matt leinart dating now

Who cares if Tony Romo and Tom Brady actually excel on the football field?

Matt Leinart is intent on following in their celebrity gossip footsteps!

They also spent the weekend looking hot in their swimsuits.

Brynn Cameron herself has a background in basketball, and like Blake Griffin, she is from California.

Cameron’s bio on the University of California website shows that during her freshman season, she emerged as the top scorer with 9.8 points per game.

The pair were photographed at the Direc TV "Beach Bowl" game, a fun pigskin event that is part of this year's pre-Super Bowl festivities.I'm so happy there's a lid on my wine bc they're blowing my mind.I remember when I saw my own cum for the first time.According to the New York Times, the two met when Leinart introduced himself during study hall; they bonded over basketball and over the fact that they wore the same uniform number, 11.Woke up this morning (with a headache) thinking last night was a dream but my left hand told me it was real…yep, I get to spend the rest of my life with my best friend.